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Care Access and Eli Lilly and Company Partner to Increase Diversity Within Oncology Clinical Trials

BOSTON -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Care Access, the world’s leading decentralized research organization (DRO), today announced its expanded partnership with global biopharma leader Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) to broaden patient access to clinical trials and increase representation of minority group...

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Direct-to-Patient Clinical Research: Care Access Shares Solutions at IoT Clinical Trials Conference

Taking a Patient-First Approach to Clinical Trial Innovation

Taking research sites directly to local communities may hold the key to decreasing patient burden. An estimated 70 percent of potential trial participants live over two hours away from the nearest research center, forcing many to think twice about enrolling in a clinical study.¹ Traveling to dista...

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Decentralized and Direct-To-Patient Trials: Care Access CEO & Co-Founder Shares Insights at Future Trials Conference

Decentralized and Direct-To-Patient Trials: Care Access CEO & Co-Founder Shares Insights at Future Trials Conference Care Access CEO and Co-Founder Ahmad Namvargolian is on a mission to remove barriers to clinical trials for sponsors, physicians and patients, and to make research studies accessible for all. This mission was put to the test in the spring of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic sent the world screechin...

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Care Access Research Collaborates with AstraZeneca on Phase III Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Long-Acting Antibody Combination

BOSTON, January 26, 2021 — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Care Access Research, a decentralized research organization (DRO) that operates as one connected team of physicians and research experts, today announced a collaboration with global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to accelerate a clinical trial in...

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Care Access Research Partners on Revolutionary Mobile Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Treatment

BOSTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Care Access Research, the leader in rapid development and management of high-performing clinical research sites, announced that it is collaborating with global healthcare leader Eli Lilly and Company. Care Access Research is helping Lilly manage the first-of-its-kind sys...

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