Decentralized Study

An Essential Partner for Innovative Sponsor & CROs

Every clinical trial needs a sponsor and a site. Sponsors who run innovative decentralized trials need a strong site partner. Care Access is the market-leading Decentralized Research Organization (DRO), with a proven track-record as the decentralized research site at scale.

Mobile Sites On Demand™

On-demand deployment of mobile research teams within 24-48 hrs.

Ongoing management of study continuity and data quality.

Rapid supplies and equipment dispatch and maintenance.

Remote PIs

Experienced Principal Investigators equipped and supported to provide oversight responsibilities remotely.


For a site to function, all the pieces need to be in the right place at the right time. Site Orchestration brings the people, supplies, equipment, and processes together, at the right time and the right place, to serve our patients.


Teams of dedicated Study Managers remotely ensure the continuity of protocol execution and they become the pillar of stability in a rapidly changing mobile decentralized study.


We’re taking research to facilities and places where it doesn’t exist, whether it be a patient’s home, a long-term care facility, or a community center. Ensuring access and engagement is key for success.


In decentralized studies, patients invite us into their lives. Patient Engagement specialists ensure that we respect the time and space of interested patients while also providing them with the information that they need to make an informed decision about participating in research.


Our team of traveling Sub-Investigators visit patients across country to help complete and oversee the procedures and activities that require advanced providers.

Traveling Clinical
Research Staff

For clinical research that happens on the go, we have a team of experienced clinical research professionals who can keep up with it all. This includes traveling research coordinators, registered nurses, laboratory processing specialists, and support personnel.


Setting up research capabilities on demand needs the ability to rapidly deliver and setup essential research supplies, equipment, and furniture. This includes delivering and managing study drug, lab equipment, and PPE.

Mobile Sites On Demand™ in the News

“Lilly needed a partner that had the capabilities and experience that Care Access Research uniquely delivers and could mobilize quickly within the time constraints required by the protocol”

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